From making your stay with us unforgettable to helping you organize your perfect vacations, Hola Ola Suites is the perfect solution for those trying to get the most out of their trip to Nicaragua


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Hola Ola Suites has a 5 private rooms that offer an exceptionally exclusive stay in San Juan del Sur. Whether you want to explore or just lay by the pool, your bed will be the best and most peaceful way to finish a perfect day.


The best hotel in San Juan del Sur would not be complete without showing you the best surf spots in Nicaragua. Discover beaches, learn to surf and experience the surfing culture with Son of a Beach - Hola Ola’s very own surf school.


We understand making travel plans can be stressful, so sit down, enjoy a freshly-made tropical cocktail and let our local experts design your travel itinerary to fit your interests and budget. We are here to help you organize your “perfect vacations” through a highly personalized Nicaragua travel package.


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